Welcome to Inspired Arts Academy

Inspired Arts Academy is a collective approach to providing a quality fine arts education to children of all ages. Our mission is to build students’ self-esteem through knowledge and appreciation of music, dance, art expression, and theater. We believe that each child that walks through our door has a gift-they just need to find it. We are committed to enriching their life through dabbling in the arts, finding their niche, and believing in themselves. So, give your child a chance to dream, believe, and become through the Inspired Arts Academy.


dream-believe-becomeWhy dreams? Because we all have them… How many of you as a small child wanted to  twirl like a snowflake with the Sugar Plum Fairy? Or maybe you wanted to sing Broadway style songs  on stage with back up dancers?  Or you wanted to act in a film- directed, videoed and photographed by your peers?  Or you wanted to build set pieces, design and color them with your bare hands? Or you wanted to draw, paint, and sculpt as in an art gallery? Here, at the Academy, we make all your child’s DREAMS come true…

“Dreams, I guess we’re just made of dreams! “ Dreams lyrics by Diana Degarmo, American Idol winner


Believing in one’s dream is crucial to a healthy, happy child. It means that one has been found, has been accepted, has been esteemed. All children need people around them that believe in them. At Inspired Arts, we believe greatly in your child’s abilities. There is nothing too great that we cannot accomplish together, as a team. We will fight when we get knocked down, strive for our best, and esteem others’ along the way while esteeming ourselves.  Believe in your child today… He or she will become something great!

“Everything starts from something, something could be nothing, nothing if your heart didn’t dream with me. Where would I be? If you didn’t believe…” Believe lyrics by Justin Bieber


Ahh, the Script. I love the song “Hall of Fame.” It pretty much sums up the reason that I formed this Academy. “YOU can be the greatest, YOU   can be the best… YOU can beat the world, YOU can beat the war.. YOU can move mountains, YOU can break rocks…”  With the power inside of you, you can overcome anything that comes your way, great or small.  Become not only the best artist, dancer, architect, musician, actor/actress, director, or gymnast at the Academy, but the best YOU.  Give your child a chance to dream, believe, then become…

“You could be the greatest, you could be the best… “ Hall of Fame lyrics by The Script

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